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With the Government cracking down on the black economy, anyone whether it be a photographers, Web-designers, models or make-up artist needs to be declaring any income from earnt activities.
Failure to do so could result in fines or custodial sentences for failing to pay tax due from the above-mentioned work.

As a result of training for many years as an accountant I am now offering a realistic priced service to stop you falling foul of the Inland Revenue.

The service includes preparation of the annual summary of Profit & Loss or Income and Expenditure thus enabling the annual Tax return to be completed and Submitted on your behalf. This will then allow the individual to pay the tax due.
In real terms the Accountants fee will be covered by tax saved by utilising knowledge of what can and cannot be claimed.

Accounting systems can be set up to enable you to keep track of earnings and expenses.

Having been employed for 19 years in private practice as an auditor and as a financial controller, group accountant, financial accountant and operations accountant in industry, with Taxation being my specialist area.
In the last 19 years I have built up an extensive portfolio of private clients whom I act as accountant for. Compiling both accounts and financials statements for Limited Companies, Partnerships and Sole Traders.

The service will provide all other accountancy services that you require being self-employed.

In the past year the sector that has been growing for me is that of Models so join the growing list of models I provide accountancy services for: -

The Fees charged are based on a time taken bases so the better the records maintained the cheaper the service works out.
For confidentiality reasons my client’s names will never be disclosed, however, if you do require references I have various models that will be only too happy to provide you.

With a large number of models joining up they get advice from someone who has an understanding of the industry. The problems that you encounter may have been encountered before by clients in your industry sector I may know the answers of problems that arise.

There is no minimum fee like some people are charging you only pay for work undertaken by me.

Why pay more than you need to.

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