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(( Introductory Offers ))

Having worked as an Accountant for the last 19 years since leaving University and rapidly approaching my 40th Birthday I have decided to take a more leisurely approach to life and completely change my lifestyle. Since discovering photography in the late 1990’s I have been hooked.

In May 2001 I invested in my first professional camera and by September 2001 I had undertaken my first shoot with a professional model, namely Michelle Bowler AKA Mica and one of the pictures from that shoot, in my house, is still my favourite picture to date.

The Shot, which is entitled, Mica in the Money, which shows the model Mica covered in £50 notes.

The added poinouscy in this is that the picture captures my two loves Money and Photography. Accountancy over the years has given me a decent income to turn my photography from a hobby to a thriving career. The further significance to the shot is that the company that I used to work for invented the £50 note.

An illness in 2002 made me take stock of what is important in life and after giving up work for a few months decided that photography was my way forward. However an opportunity to carry on doing accountancy was to good an offer to turn down so I thought I would combine the two interests and careers side by side.

I continued to shoot on a regular basis upgrading my equipment for better Camera s and moving from outdoor location shoots to Studio shooting, Having shot at Studio MK, Shutters of Norwich, Inspiras of Standford le Hope, G and E of Clacton, Photo studio in Clavering, Silkwood in Norwich and Friday wood of Colchester

Further models were booked to enhance my portfolio and the accountancy opportunity I took enabled me to fund this. I have continued to develop my photography skills by shooting various models.

I was fortunate enough to shoot the now page 3 model Hayley Marie, in August 2003 and in February 2004 made contact and shot Kerri Parker, whom to this day I still shoot for her website.

In July 2004 I was amongst the audience when Kerri won the title of Miss Max Power Star Babe 2004, at Max Power at the NEC. Since meeting and being involved with Kerri I have undertaken numerous shoots with various models for their websites including Kerri Parker, Natasha Marley AKA Miss Fast Car 2004 Dani Thompson, Jenny Lang and Rachel Cole to name a few.

I had my first pictures published in Nuts in 2004, since then pictures I have taken have appeared in Zoo, Loaded, Fastcar, Max Power and FHM.

Future Plans

I have been actively looking for premises to build my own studio and devote much more of my time in pursuing my new career. By having my own studio I will be looking to hire out the studio to other photographers and I am looking to do more work for both Newspapers and Magazines. My ultimate goal was to shoot a front cover for a national newspaper featuring one of my model friends and fortunately this was achieved in March 2006 when I shot for the front cover of the Daily Sport.

I am looking at developing model portfolios and will soon be offering this service with tailor made pictures so models can take them to the major agencies out there like the Accountancy service I am looking to provide I am looking to provide affordable pictures to get the models on the first steps of the ladder.

Money is available to invest in state facilities and equipment but it has to be right, this needs to be a long-term project and therefore the right descions need to be made. Having done the groundwork over the last few years I am now ready to move to the next stage.

A tie up deal with a Local make-up artist will benefit the shoot as will the deal with a photoshop specialist to improve the pictures further.


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